Responsive design solution for the NBS Homepage.


NCLC : Responsive Redesign


The new NCLC website needed to represent who NCLC are as a church community. It is fully responsive to provide the best possible experience on mobile and tablet devices. The website serves to connect people into community and give them information about what is going on in church life.

URL: www.mynclc.co.uk

North East DJ Logo and Website


North East DJ is the North East of England’s leading DJ for weddings, functions and events. I designed and built their new website, alongside producing a new logo which appears on business cards and staff uniforms.


URL: www.northeastdj.co.uk

Mercy and Grace Branding

I was recently privileged to deliver the branding for Mercy and Grace child development centre. The brand has been developed to capture the family feel of the centre.

Mercy and Grace Logo

The logo uses the imagery of hands making a heart shape to highlight the fact that the hands are outworking acts of mercy, which is coming from a heart of grace.

Mercy and Grace Colourways

The brand contains a number of different colour themes, and is designed to promote the idea that children in the centre can make the logo shape with their own hands and thus communicate their sense of belonging in a positive and affirming way.

Mercy and Grace on Photo