Hey, I’m Pete.

If you read my contract at work, it will tell you I’m a user-experience designer. A few years ago it would have told you I was a user-interface designer, and before that I was simply called a web designer. I work in an industry where your job title seems to change regularly with whatever is the trend, but underneath those superficial changes my role remains the same: It’s my job to make websitesĀ and digital services that meet the needs of the user.

I have had the privilege of working for some great clients; I’ve worked for the Royal Institute of British Architects, and for the NBS on multiple projects, including the launch of their National BIM Library. I’ve worked with NCLC, a Hillsong family church in Newcastle upon Tyne, and Mercy and Grace, a child development program in Puerto Rico.

I’m presently working designing digital services for the UK Government.

Outside of work I serve as a volunteer in my local church, NCLC, and write about theology on my blog, Sixty Stadia.

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